Guidance and Psychological Counseling

"Every child needs help, hope, and someone who believes in him/her."
By providing preschool guidance and psychological counseling services, we aim to help the child develop psychologically, physically, mentally, socially and educationally, improve his/her motor skills and to ensure that the steps that he will take towards the future will be more concrete. In this context, our guidance counselor and special education specialist follow the progress of the students one-on-one by attaching a special focus on guiding students' cognitive, emotional, social and physical development to discover and develop their individual talents and skills. With the support of classroom teachers, the Guidance Unit tracks the development of our students in five different areas consisting of linguistic, cognitive, self-care, motor skills, and social-emotional development. The data acquired as a result of detailed observation and tracking are shared with the parents through individual parent interviews. In line with the decisions taken as a result of the meeting, the students are provided with the necessary support.

In order to ensure the school readiness, of which essential elements are physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development, our guidance counselors work together with students who are new to school and they will be together throughout the preschool period, in social skill lessons. Being aware that fundamental values are formed during early childhood, we have included values education in our social skill lessons with the aim of equipping our kids with basic human values, and encouraging them to transform these values into behavior. With this program, we aim not only to ensure the intellectual and academic development of our kids but also to equip them with social values, and important skills required being critical and creative thinking, problem solving individuals who are capable to establish cause-effect relationship.

Considering that each child has different needs and learning potential, we provide specially planned and tailored educational courses for the students needing special education.

Every child learns, sometimes at different times and sometimes in different ways. Every child is unique in his/her talents and it matters how we can help him/her discover and develop his/her talents. Considering the fact that each child learn at his/her own pace and style, we adopt an individualized approach and unique pathway leading to reveal their full potentials. While providing support, we attach great importance to self-paced model allowing the child to learn at his/her own pace and style and perceiving level. In order to get the best result in this process, our special education teachers work in harmony with our students' parents, classroom teachers and guidance counselors.