Physical Education and Sports Department

The aim of the Physical Education and Sports course is to help the 3,4,5 year old children acquire the habit of proper body posture, gradually develop their gross motor skills required to perform activities such as walking, running, jumping, crawling, balance, and lifting light objects. Besides, we attach great importance to ensuring their psychosocial development in relation to their social and cultural environment.

Since climbing increases muscle tone and strength in fine and gross motor movements, our program also attaches a special focus on the developmental abilities related to the act of climbing. We encourage our children to gain dynamic balance, motor-coordination, eye-foot coordination and movement planning ability by moving in directions on the climbing wall with climbing exercises. Climbing helps children not only develop their fine and gross motor skills but also gain self-confidence and learn to cope with fear of heights and stress and develop self-reliance.

In order to make exercise more fun for kids, we turn it into a game. In target exercises, we aim to enable our kids to perceive shapes, to determine direction, to gain eye-hand coordination by tossing balls or sandbags into target shapes. With these exercises, the child's small muscle groups develop, his/her attention and motivation increase, and he/she learns to focus on a specific object.