Second Foreign Language French Education

We offer French as a second language starting from 3 years of age to enable our students to get acquainted with different languages and cultures at an early age. The aim of teaching French at an early age in our preschool is to enable the children to discover themselves, reveal their talents, to get acquainted with a different culture and language, and make this language a part of their lives. The French language taught at an early age improves the intelligence of the child and increases the ability to understand in the mother tongue. At the same time, children discover French language during children's songs, stories and games offered by their teachers. Especially with games and activities, the child can grasp French more quickly at an early age. For example, the elements used in the stories help the child develop his/her imagination, and educational videos and songs in French help the child become familiar with the French language by watching and listening. Thanks to the activities, he/she can both reinforce what he/she has learned and reflect his/her own imagination.

Since children at a young age have a higher learning capacity, we attach importance on engaging them with learning French language as a second language in a fun environment during these early years. The primary aim is not to teach the child French in a way that he/she has learned his/her mother tongue but to help the child become aware of the existence of languages and cultures other than his/her own language and culture through various activities and games. Such activities and games help the child discover himself/herself and his/her abilities, and learn French language easily while having fun.