Yoga – Mandala – Mindfulness

Yoga is not just for adults; yoga for kids is a type of yoga, which includes yoga postures with faster transitions combined with songs and games tailored for age-groups, that improves physical and mental health in kids, help them not only develop personal discipline and self-knowledge but also learn breathing and relaxation techniques.

Mandala is a form of meditation that has existed for centuries. Mandala is a journey of discovery consisting of personal creativity, enhanced awareness and spiritual growth processes. The mandala consists of shapes that start from the center and expand outwards in circles. Generally, mandala denotes painting the shapes in a certain order. Our children can create their own mandalas using colors and shapes freely or they can paint the ready-drawn mandalas.

Mandala, which is a circle with geometric designs in it, also symbolizes a container holding the energy. While drawing or painting mandala all attention is directed to the lines in the center because of its symmetrical shape, and thus it is believed that our emotions and wishes are held by the mandala. Therefore, before we draw our mandala, we make a wish by writing down the wishes we want to come true on the back of it. Thus, we draw attention to our feelings and wishes. Drawing mandala is a fun and relaxing activity. While dong this work, our kids have the opportunity to experience inner peace by establishing connection with themselves, their senses and emotions.

Doing mandala not only helps the children increase their concentrations, self-confidence and patience but also enhances their imaginations by freeing their minds and improving their creativeness.

Mindfulness (Conscious Awareness)
Mindfulness is a state of conscious awareness in which a person focuses on being aware of the moment he is experiencing, without interpretation or judgment. Mindfulness education helps children learn to stabilize, focus on and pay attention. By getting rid of their prejudices or judgments regarding their thoughts, emotions and experiences, they get closer to their inner-world.  Without suppressing their challenging thoughts and emotions and being captive in them, they learn to carefully incorporate them into their lives. They learn to be kind to themselves and others.

Observation and concentration, awareness of the body and the five senses, patience, trust and letting go, feeling the emotions and letting them be, getting used to coping with thoughts, compassion for oneself and others, constitute the bases of mindfulness training. Mindfulness training is supported by breathing exercises, meditation, stories and movements.

Having been created by the by therapist Eline Snel, Attention and Mindfulness Training for Kids, MBRS (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), which is included in the education curriculum in the developed countries, is also included in our school curriculum.

Safeguard Training
Child abuse and neglect is an important social problem affecting millions of children and their families around the world. Abuse and neglect, which have cognitive, emotional, physical and social effects on children, lead to irreparable consequences in children's lives. Child abuse, which is an important problem all over the world, affects the child not only in the period he is in but also in later years.

As the Near East Yoga - Mandala and Mindfulness Workshop, we have started the "Safeguard Training" as of 2017-2018 academic year by conducting a study on how our children should protect themselves against physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse.

Our aim is to raise awareness of our students and to ensure that the education we provide is supported by parents.